City Attorney

The City of Hemet contracts with a private law firm Burke, Williams & Sorensen, LLP. The City Council appoints a members of the law firm to serve as City Attorney and Assistant City Attorney. The City Attorney is responsible for the provision of comprehensive legal services to the City including general municipal legal services (reviewing or drafting contracts, ordinances, resolutions and providing legal advice and research), but also handling city related litigation, personnel issues, labor negotiations, as well as land use and environmental legal issues. The City Attorney and law firm provide legal advise to the City Council, City Manager and Department Heads, but does not provide legal advice to members of the community.

The City contracts attorney services with Burke, Williams & Sorensen, and the City of Hemet is represented by:

 Eric Vail

Eric S. Vail, City Attorney

Jex, Thomas

Thomas D. Jex, Assistant City Attorney

In addition to the City's contract with Burke, Williams & Sorensen, LLP for City Attorney services, the City also contracts with the law firm of Dapeer, Litvak, & Rosenblit, LLP for code enforcement services and to serve as the City Prosecutor. Attorney James Eckart services that need as the City Prosecutor.