Financial Information

City’s Comprehensive Fee Schedule 

Per City Ordinance Section 2-381. – Provision of data to public, the City Comprehensive Fee Schedule has been updated with Council approved Fiscal Year 1516 department budgets. This schedule reflects the cost or estimated cost required to support the fees and charges for which changes are proposed to be made or fees and charges imposed.

The schedule is available for public review on the City website (below)

Comprehensive Fee Study Final Document 

The City has completed this User Fee Study to identify the cost of City services in order to provide information to help the City make informed decisions regarding the actual fee levels and charges; to properly identify additional services (new or existing services) and to create a consistent and comprehensive fee schedule. City staff has reviewed the full costs and identified the "recommended fee levels" for consideration by City Council.

Cost Allocation Plan

Budget Reports

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

Single Audit Reports


Warrant RegisteR

Redevelopment Agency Financial Statements (RDA)

Successor Agency to the Hemet Redevelopment Agency