Permit Issuance

  1. Covid-19 Process


For the safety of City Employees, the Building Division has implemented the following process for permits that are typically "over the counter".
  1. Applicant shall complete a permit application.
  2. Email completed application form via email to along with any other required plans or required documentation.
  3. Permit Technician will process the permit and calculate permit fees.
  4. Applicant will be contacted if any additional documentation is required.

Permit Issuance

  1. Applicant will be provided an invoice to pay with payment instructions.
  2. Applicant pays permit fees based on permit instructions.
  3. Applicant notifies that the permit has been paid.
  4. Applicant is emailed a permit signature page to sign.
  5. Applicant returns completed signature page.

Job Card and Plans

Depending on the type of construction, the job card and plans will be either mailed or delivered to the address of construction.  You will be notified by the Permit Technician of how you will receive your plans.