Council Member Malcolm Lilienthal (District 3)

Personal Bio:

Malcolm Lilienthal is a highly dedicated council member who has significantly contributed to his community through extensive involvement in various organizations and initiatives. Malcolm is married with four children and holds a Master's Degree in Psychology, which has given him unique insights into the social and psychological issues affecting his constituents.

Malcolm serves as a commissioner for Community Action Partnership, working tirelessly to improve the quality of life for low-income families in his community. He is also the president of the Human Relations Council, where he helps promote understanding and respect among diverse groups.

In addition to his work with these organizations, Malcolm is also a community peer mentor for the Mayor Mentee Program, where he helps to mentor young people and guide them towards successful careers in public service. In addition, he is an alternate for the Western Riverside Council of Governments. Finally, he is deeply involved in several other important community initiatives, including the Hemet Housing Authority, Skate Park Committee, Community Action Commission of Riverside County, League of California Cities (public safety committee), the Riverside County Transportation Commission, and the President of the Human Relations Council.

Malcolm is also a highly respected Marriage and Family Therapist at New Hope Christian Counseling, where he provides compassionate and effective counseling services to individuals and families in need. His work in this field has given him a unique perspective on the challenges facing his community and has helped him to develop practical solutions to these issues.

As a council member, Malcolm is committed to creating a brighter future for Hemet, rooted in public safety, economic growth, and sustainable development. He believes in fostering a community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and where the beauty and resilience of the city are celebrated and preserved. His policy priorities include:

  1. Public Safety, Social Justice, and Crime Reduction: Ensuring the safety and security of residents, fostering a community where everyone feels protected and heard, and addressing the root causes of crime through compassionate and evidence-based policies.
  2. Economic Development, Fiscal Responsibility, and Inclusive Growth: Promoting economic growth by attracting new businesses, supporting existing ones, creating job opportunities, practicing fiscal responsibility, and fostering an inclusive economy.
  3. Infrastructure, Community Beautification, and Environmental Sustainability: Investing in the city's infrastructure, preserving and enhancing Hemet's aesthetic beauty, natural assets, and cultural heritage, and championing initiatives that protect the environment and address climate change.

Malcolm's deep commitment to public service and extensive experience in various community organizations make him an exceptional council member highly respected by his constituents and colleagues. With his leadership, Hemet will continue to grow and prosper as a safe, inclusive, and environmentally conscious community.

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    Malcolm Lilienthal

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