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The Hemet Police Department’s Communications Center is the first point of contact for citizens in need of emergency services. The communications center is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by certified public safety dispatchers. Each year, our dispatchers handle over 25,000 emergency 9-1-1 calls in addition to over 100,000 non-emergency calls received on the business lines. Our dispatchers see to it that every call for help is answered, whether it is an illegally parked vehicle or a child who has stopped breathing.


Our highly skilled dispatchers prioritize all calls for service and dispatch accordingly, giving the highest priority to life threatening emergencies. In addition to dispatching police calls, our dispatchers also dispatch Fire Department personnel for the City of Hemet.

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The communications center is an indispensable division of the Hemet Police and Fire Departments. Public Safety Dispatchers provide the vital link between citizens and field units. Dispatchers work in a fast-paced, exciting, and often stressful environment, relying on training and experience to make split-second decisions, while keeping the safety of emergency personnel and citizens in mind at all times. Field units depend on dispatchers to provide crucial information, relaying information from any number of sources, and accessing computer records from local and state databases.

Team Information

Our communications team currently consists of full-time and part-time public safety dispatchers under the direction of a Lieutenant, lending decades of combined dispatching experience. Public safety dispatchers work weekends and holidays alongside other police and fire personnel to ensure that help is always only a phone call away.

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9-1-1 System Educational Services

The Hemet Public Safety Dispatchers are proud to partner with 9-1-1 for Kids and the Hemet Unified School District regarding youth education. Public Safety Dispatchers offer a 9-1-1 educational program to local elementary school students to help reduce the high numbers of non-emergency calls made to the 9-1-1 system.

Hemet Unified School District

Questions / Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns related to the Communications Bureau, please email Captain Glen Brock at (951)765-2473.

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