Public Computer Access


Computers are available for use in the library free of charge with your Hemet Public Library card. You may use a computer by using your own library card. Use is restricted by time allotment and you must also abide by our internet use agreement (PDF). The library now offers wireless access for our customers with capable laptops and PDA's.

A. Basic Public Computer Use service.

The library offers all user with a valid Hemet Public Library card the option of using any of its public access computers for free ninety minutes each day. Public access computers automatically shut down 20 minutes prior to the library's closing.

The library has an approved Computer Use Policy, and it describes the appropriate use of the computers and the procedures for logging in.

B. Extended Public Computer Use service.

Any user with a Hemet Public Library card who has used their free allotted time on the public computers, may request to purchase ninety additional minutes. Go to the cashier to purchase additional time.

C. Use of Public Computers by non-residents & users without a Hemet Library card

The Hemet Public Library stands with the California State Library and offers free library cards to any resident of California, regardless of the city or county you live in. The library will provide non-residents and users without a Hemet Library card access to the public computers for ninety minutes for a modest fee.


  1. The Hemet Public Library computer cafe is a Self Service Center.
  2. While our library staff can occasionally offer brief assistance on using the internet, computer programs and website help, our ability to assist is often limited to staff availability and time.
  3. If you need extensive help, please bring a trusted friend with you. We are unable to assist you with typing forms, filling in your personal information or recovering your passwords. This is for your protection and protects you from identity theft.

D. Printing

Is printing is available from library computers with your library card for a fee. Black and White printing is $0.15 per page. Color Printing is $0.35 per page.

Printer not working?

Mobile Printing

Mobile Printing is available. Begin by downloading the free Printeron app from your app store.

Then come in, pay and pick up your prints at the print release station. It's quick and easy.