Frequently Asked Questions


  • How is my property zoned?
    To look up zoning information an address and/or the assessor parcel number (APN) is needed. If the property address has five digits, please call the Riverside County Planning Department at (951) 955-3200 as the property is in the unincorporated portion of the city. If your address has three or four digits, please call Planning at (951) 765-2375 or email If you don't know the property's APN, please call the Riverside County Assessor's Office at (951) 766-2500 to obtain that information.
  • What are setbacks for my property?
    A setback is the distance between a structure and the property line. No structures can be built with in the required setback area. Questions regarding setbacks can be answered by calling Planning at (951) 765-2375 or email Please have your property address and/or APN so staff can help you more efficiently.
  • What can I do with my property?
    It all depends on how the property is zoned. If you know the zoning of your property, refer to the appropriate section of the Municipal Code on our web site. If you don't know the zoning information please call Planning at (951) 765-2375 or email Be sure to have your address and/or APN available.
  • How many animals am I allowed?
    Refer to the animal regulation section of the Municipal Code. The size of your property and zoning will be required to determine the type and number of animals allowed for a particular property.


  • How many parking spaces do I need?
    Please refer to the parking section of the Municipal Code. Parking ratios are based on the type of use. The standard parking stall, commercial and industrial uses, size is 9-by-18 feet with 10-by-18 feet for end spaces. All spaces shall be double striped. The total number of parking spaces required includes handicapped parking. Please refer to the above section for other restrictions and requirements.