Water Supply


The City of Hemet Water Department relies on local groundwater as the only water supply source for customers in its 5.25 square mile service area. Groundwater is currently pumped from the Hemet Groundwater basin by nine City-owned wells.

The City has water exchange service connections with EMWD and LHMWD, which provides an opportunity for water exchanges during emergency situations.


Fresh water supplies are often limited, whether by availability or a system's capacity to supply and treat water. Southern California typically faces challenges in meeting the summer demand, especially in times of drought, and Hemet is no different. As the population continues to grow, demand for water stresses our already limited water supplies. It is in our best interest as a community to engage in and promote clean water protection and conservation practices.

California DROUGHT

In an effort to ensure future water supply during the current drought conditions, the Governor on March 28th, 2022 issued an executive Order N-7-22 requiring the State Water Board to take action by May 25, 2022. The State Water Control Board adopted an emergency water conservation regulation on May 24, 2022 requiring all urban water suppliers to implement Level 2 of their water conservation plan by June 10th, which is meant to address up to a 20% reduction. The emergency regulation will remain in effect for one year from the effective date, unless the State Water Board acts to end, modify, or readopt it.

To comply with the State Water Board's adopted emergency water conservation regulation, the City of Hemet’s Level 2 water conservation actions have been implemented effective June 10, 2022, to target a 20% water demand reduction. The Level 2 Water Conservation Plan implementation actions include:

1. Protect and preserve water supply and eliminate wasteful water use.

2. Limit outdoor irrigation of ornamental landscapes or turf with potable water by the persons it serves to no more than once every other day. Even-numbered property addresses may only water on even dates of the month and odd-numbered property addresses may only water on odd dates of the month.

3. Any use of water from a fire hydrant except for fighting fires or essential construction needs and system flushing, as determined by the City's Water Division, shall be prohibited.

Ratification of the implementation of the City's Level 2 water conservation actions will keep the City's water utility in compliance with the State Water Board's emergency regulation adopted on May 24, 2022. The City's water utility is an urban water supplier in the state of California as defined by section 10617 of the Water Code and is, therefore, subject to emergency regulation. Failure to comply with the regulation could result in enforcement action from the State.


Urban Water Management Plans are prepared by California's urban water suppliers to support their long-term resource planning and ensure adequate water supplies are available to meet existing and future water demands. The CITY OF HEMET 2020 URBAN WATER MANAGEMENT PLAN was adopted by the Hemet city Council on July 2021.


The stakeholders in the Hemet/San Jacinto Groundwater Management Area have developed the Hemet/San Jacinto Water Management Plan to provide a foundation that guides and supports responsible water management in the future. The local stakeholders involved in the Plan include Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD), Lake Hemet Municipal Water District (LHMWD), City of Hemet, City of San Jacinto, and Private Water Producers.