Measure U Citizen Oversight Committee


The purpose of the committee is to independently review and advise upon the City's proposed expenditures of Measure U Funds and review the annual audit of proceeds generated by the transactions and use tax.

Duties and Responsibilities

Review and make recommendations to the City Council concerning the use of Measure U Funds. The committee shall annually review and report on:

  • the City's proposed and actual expenditure of proceeds generated by the transaction and use tax; and
  • the independent annual audit required under ordinance.

Board Members & Terms

NameTitleEffective DateExpiration of Term
Diane GraffCommittee Member02/14/201902/13/2021
Jim LinebergerCommittee Member02/14/201902/13/2021
Eric GoschCommittee Member02/14/201902/13/2021
Suzzanne KozmaCommittee Member02/14/201902/13/2021
Marie McDonaldCommittee Member02/14/201902/13/2021
Dan GoodrichCommittee Member02/14/201902/13/2021
George "Dick" ClarkCommittee Member02/14/201902/13/2021

In accordance with Ordinance No. 1918 of the City Council of the City of Hemet, the Measure U Citizen Oversight Committee consists of 7 members appointed by the City Council to serve two (2) year terms. Eligible community members must reside within the city limits or the sphere of influence or own a business having its primary offices located within the city limits. A majority (4 or more) of the committee members shall be residents of the City of Hemet. To apply, please contact the City Clerk's Office at (951) 765-2316

Contact the Committee/ Submit Public Comment

The Measure U Citizen Oversight Committee may be contacted as follows:

General Office Phone: (951) 765-2330
Mail or hand-delivered correspondence:
City Hall, Finance Department
445 E. Florida Avenue
Hemet, CA 92545

In person: At any public meeting. Refer to agenda date, time and location. Comment accepted on agenda items before action is taken. Special meetings may limit comment to agenda topics only.

Sign up to Receive Notifications of New Agendas

To sign up to receive an email or text message notification when a new agenda is published, please visit our Notify Me page.

Assigned Staff to Measure U Oversight Committee

The City Manager assigns staff resources to assist the committee with the discharge of its duties. The City of Hemet staff assigned is:

Lorena Rocha
Finance Director
(951) 765-2331
Email Lorena Rocha

Scott Brown
Fire Chief
(951) 765-2459
Email Scott Brown

Eddie Pust
Acting Police Chief
(951) 765-2411
Email Eddie Pust


The committee shall meet at least twice each calendar year and more frequently if necessary to discharge the responsibilities of the committee. Notices of the meeting will follow the Ralph M. Brown Act. Agendas will be posted online and outside Hemet City Hall. Public attendance is welcome.

Contact Us

Clay James
Deputy City Clerk
Email Clay James 

445 E. Florida Avenue
Hemet, CA 92201
Phone: (951) 765-2316

Monday thorugh Thursday
7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Additional Documents:

Ordinance Number 1918 (PDF)