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1. Do I need a permit for what I am wanting to do?
2. How do I request an inspection?
3. What time will my inspection be?
4. What do I need to do to get ready for my inspection?
5. How long is my permit good for?
6. What if I can’t get me permit inspected within the allotted 180 days?
7. I’m a homeowner, what do I need to have to bring to obtain a building permit?
8. I’m a Contractor, what do I need to have to obtain a building permit?
9. Where can I get these “HERS” or energy compliance forms?
10. What is a final request form?
11. Will I get my inspection today? "Am I on the list"
12. How do I verify if I am in the City of Hemet's jurisdiction?
13. How late do you issue permits?
14. What time do the inspectors leave in the morning?