Clear Streets

Vehicle Parking

Avoid parking your car or vehicles on the street if possible during your sweeping day. Spread the word to neighbors too, to give sweeper operators a clear shot at getting to the curb where the majority of debris collects. CR&R sweeper operators would like to be able to make one pass down each side of your street and still get the street clean.

Abandoned Vehicles

Report abandoned vehicles to the police for tow away. Besides being an eyesore and a safety hazard, they prevent the sweepers from keeping your neighborhood streets as clean as possible.

Other Items

Since sweeping is done as close to the curb as possible, things like mailboxes, overhanging tree branches, basketball hoops, and other items which are likely to be hit by a sweeper cause the operator to swing wide to miss them. When this happens, debris is left on the street and the quality of the sweeping is reduced. Help CR&R to serve you better by correcting or reducing these conditions.