Annual General Plan Progress Report


State law requires that cities submit a progress report on the General Plan to the City Council and to the Governor's Office of Planning and Research (OPR) and the Housing and Community Development Department. The main purpose of a periodic review of the city's progress in meeting its General Plan vision is to grant the City Council an opportunity to adjust or modify its policies or approach to ensure the City meets its stated goals. Therefore, the 2022 General Plan Progress Report is structured to present the following information:

  • Amendments to the General Plan adopted by the City since the comprehensive update in 2012.
  • Required and proposed amendments to the General Plan that the City needs to prepare within the next year.
  • Demographic and development changes that update the City's community profile.
  • General Plan implementation programs that have been completed, are in-progress, or are a continuous activity of the City.
  • General Plan implementation programs that have not yet been initiated, but are recommended for initiation within the next few years.

The 2022 General Plan Progress Report was reviewed and approved the City Council at its May 9, 2023 meeting.