Trash Cart Storage

Carts placed in a public right-of-way for collection shall be removed from the right-of-way not more than 24 hours after the collection day. When storing your carts, no carts shall be visible from the public right-of-way. HMC Sec 62-11.

When trash carts are placed for pick-up, they should be placed at curb side without blocking the public right-of -way. Carts should be placed three (3) feet apart from each other.

Items that cannot fit in your automated carts are considered bulky items. Common bulky items include: Couches; Mattresses; Desks; Chairs; Tables; etc.  Each residential customer is entitled to two (2) bulky item pickups free of charge per calendar year. The service includes a combination of loose large items not to exceed the equivalent of three (3) cubic yards or two (2) individual large items such as a tv, couch or mattresses. Please contact CR&R to schedule your pick up. 

Trash Cart Requirements

CR&R Refuse Information