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Advisory Body Application

  1. Hemet Public Library Board of Trustees - 3 Year Term
    The Library Board consists of five members appointed by the City Council for three year terms. It meets on the 3rd Friday of each month at 10:00 a.m. Responsibilities are statutory and include setting policy on the operation and services of the Library. The Board advises the City Council on the budgetary needs of the Library, its services, and other related matters.
  2. Measure U Citizen Oversight Committee - 2 Year Term
    In accordance with Hemet City Ordinance No. 1918, the Measure U Citizen Oversight Committee consists of 7 members appointed by the city council to serve two (2) year terms. The purpose of the committee is to independently review and advise upon the City’s proposed expenditures of Measure U Funds as well as the actual expenditures of Measure U Funds and review of the annual audit conducted of Measure U Funds as required by the Ordinance. The Committee is advisory only and reports its comments directly to the City Council. Eligible community members must reside within the city limits or the sphere of influence or own a business having its primary offices located within the city limits. A majority (4 or more) of the committee members shall be residents of the City of Hemet.
  3. Mobile Home Rent Review Commission - 3 Year Term
    Established by Ordinance No. 772, an initiative of the voters of the City of Hemet, this Commission meets by request only and with duties as outlined in the Hemet Municipal Code. It consists of five members appointed by the City Council to 3 year terms. The Commission shall be made up of one mobile home park owner, one mobile home park tenant and three “at large” residents who do not live in mobile home parks.
  4. Planning Commission - 2 Year Term
    Created in accordance with the provisions of the State Planning Act, the Commission consists of five members appointed by the City Council to serve two year terms. The Commission meets on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 6:00 p.m.
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  6. Application for Appointment to Volunteer Commissions/Boards/Committees
  7. Thank you for your interest in serving your community. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact the City Clerk’s Office for more information about the benefits and responsibilities of Advisory Body service. Applications will be kept on file for one year, during which time the applicant will be given the opportunity to interview for any opening for which the applicant is eligible. City Clerk’s office (951) 765-2316 – 445 E. Florida Avenue, Hemet, CA 92543
  8. Applying For (Mark One or More): *

    Applicants are encouraged to apply for no more than 2 Advisory Bodies best suiting their skills and interests. If applying for multiple bodies, please rank those in order of preference “1” being most preferred. Qualifications for membership: Meet one of the following criteria, 1) The individual is current resident of the City who has lived in the city for at least one year immediately prior to the individual’s appointment to the board, commission or committee; or 2) Current resident of the City of Hemet’s “Sphere of influence” who has lived in the city or in the city’s sphere of influence for at least one year immediately prior to the individual’s appointment to the board, commission or committee. See attached for specific qualifications.

  9. You are encouraged to attach a resume or other additional documentation that may be of interest to the City Council in their evaluation of your application.
  10. List current and previous experience with term dates
  11. The City Council would like more information about your interest in serving on an Advisory Body. Please indicate your comments and views relative to the subject matter of the Advisory Body (ies) for which you are applying:
  12. Read Carefully - Complete Section A or B then SIGN
    I understand that, if I am appointed to an Advisory Body, I will be required to comply with: the City’s Ethics Policy, Advisory Body Policies and Conflict of Interest Code; applicable provisions of the Political Reform Act including filing financial interest disclosure statements (Form 700); and applicable provisions of the Brown Act; and that I must complete state-mandated ethics training and sexual harassment prevention training courses. I understand that, while City staff will make a good faith effort to educate me regarding these requirements, I am responsible for my conduct as an Advisory Member. I understand that all Advisory Body Members serve at the pleasure of the City Council and may be removed from office due to poor attendance, unacceptable conduct, or for any other reason. I understand that Advisory Body members are volunteers, are not City employees, and do not receive benefits or protections other than workers’ compensation in case of injury in the course of duty. I understand that this is a public document, and that information contained within it may be provided to the public upon request. In regard to the online availability of my information, I declare the following:
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    Further, if my home address and telephone number are otherwise non-disclosable under the California Public Records Act (California Government Code 6250 et seq.), I understand that by agreeing to the release of the informaiton above, this informaiton may be provided by the City in response to a request made under the Public Records Act.
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