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Affordable Housing (PDF)
A listing of affordable housing located in Riverside County provided by the Fair Housing Council of Riverside County. 

County of Riverside Home Page
This web-site is designed to make it easier for Riverside County residents, businesses and visitors to access the many programs and services offered by the County government and non-profit agencies. Fair Housing Council of Riverside County, Inc. (FHCRC) is a non-profit, HUD- approved organization that fight to protect the housing rights of all individuals. 

County of Riverside Assessor - Clerk - Recorder
The site has been designed to provide you with easy access to information and a variety of online services to assist you with your needs. 

Community Action Partnership of Riverside County
Service provides help to thousands of less fortunate, low income, and struggling families every year. The type of services includes low income energy bill assistance, weatherization, referrals to government benefits such as housing, and more.
Utility Assistance & Home Weatherization program LIHEAP Application (PDF)

Synergy Energy Efficiency Programs
Synergy Companies offers a number of FREE and low-cost energy efficiency programs funded by utility companies throughout the state. To learn more about the programs they offer and whether you are eligible to participate, please check out their Utility Section.

State of California Home Page
This official State government web-site provides information and links for virtually every aspect of the State, including business and agriculture, education and government. 

California Affordable Housing Lists
A directory of affordable housing rentals listed by California counties. 

Riverside County Property Information Center
This area provides access to public records. You can find information such as when a residence was built, its assessed value, legal description, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and exemption values. California law prohibits public record searches by name via the internet. Although owner information is freely available in person from any of the Riverside County Assessor District Offices or can be purchased from Property Data Sales, we are, in accord with laws protecting privacy, particularly of elected and appointed officials, prohibited from providing such information on our public website. (California Public Records Act, Government Code Section 6254.21) 

California State contractor's license verification
Check to see if your contractor is licensed as well as the status of their license. 

Lead in Your Home Brochure (PDF)
Protect your family from lead in your home.