Hemet Public Library

Material Donations

The Friends of the Hemet Public Library gladly accepts donations of material in good, clean and relevant condition for possible inclusion into our library collection on behalf of The Hemet Public Library. The library applies the same criteria for evaluating gift items as it applies to purchased material. Please preview our materials selection policy (PDF) for other important information regarding material donations.

However, The Friends of the Library do not accept donations of encyclopedias, textbooks, science books and nonfiction books older than 5 years as they are unusable and will be discarded.

  • Please do not leave donations outside the Library after hours, as your donation is open to the elements and theft.
  • Do not use the automated return to secure your donations as the sorter is unable to process the material.

Please schedule your donations to the Library on Wednesdays and Fridays between 9 am and 3 pm, when we have staff available in the Delores Hale Book Shop.

Giving Donations

Small quantity of gently used donations of three boxes or less may be left without an appointment in the Delores Hale Book Shop or donation bin located in the lobby of the library during business hours. Once you donate material to either the Friends of the Library or the Library, the material now belongs to the library and is not available to be reclaimed by the donor.

Evaluation of Donations

Donated materials that do not meet the needs of the library, duplicate materials already owned by the library, or donated items added to the collection but no longer needed and withdrawn will be sold at the Friends of the Library book store. Proceeds from the sales are used to buy new books or equipment for the library. You are always free to give materials directly to the Friends. Library staff review materials donated to the friends for possible inclusion in the library's collection as well.

Monetary Donations

Monetary contributions are added to the library's gift trust fund which is allocated by the library board and City Council for purchase of materials, equipment, or programs too expensive or specialized for the library's regular budget. Checks should be made out to the Hemet Public Library Gift Trust Fund and mailed to: 

Hemet Public Library
300 E. Latham
Hemet, CA 92543

Monetary donations can also be made to our library support groups: