Facilities Maintenance

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Our Mission

To protect the public's investment by providing all city departments with prompt, high quality, cost-effective structural and physical maintenance that also preserves the life and functionality of all facility assets.

About Our Division

The Facilities Maintenance Division is very unique from other agencies.  The Division is responsible for a wide variety of services besides the daily maintenance and repair of our city's 56 buildings, including repairs on 287 HVAC units.   They also provide electrical maintenance on over 5100 street lights, 536 metered electrical services, 30 basins and well site pumps, 10 generators, 4 fueling sites and 3 repeater sites in the city.  The division reviews plans for new and future development and prepares specifications for capital improvement projects.  This includes large city projects at its facilities, such as roof replacements, air conditioning and heating replacements, contracting exterior painting projects, interior building remodels and specifications for the city's radio communications system for our Police, Fire, and Public Works Department.  The Facilities Division also manages multiple contracts, including 41 city-owned, signalized intersections and the agreements with Riverside County and Caltrans intersections.